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What’s new in X World Wallet

Oct 3, 2022

V. 1.6.0

Released Dec 19, 2022

We launched a new version of the App X World Wallet right before Christmas.


Let’s see what’s new:
Fixed Mobile Push Notifications

Now Mobile push notifications work after any transaction with your card. You have to have selected the Push option in settings.


Exchange Screen Redesign

We redesigned the screen for Exchange Money. Now the layout is easier to understand and faster to make an exchange


Adjust design in dashboard alerts

We adjust paddings, margins and layout of the dashboard aalerts making them smaller and clearer.


Visual improvements

We improved the Loyalty screen adding the same styles as the dashboard and changed the Bookings section headers.


Login screen – Update forgot password design

We change the functionality making more clear if you forgot your password in the login screen


Fixed Bookings issues

We had a problem with a certificate preventing to book a flight. Now is working as expected. 


Fixed Change Username Fields in settings

We fixed the fields in the profile section and the fields to change your username


V. 1.5.0

Released Oct 03, 2022

We just launched a new version of the App X World Wallet. It’s 1.5.0 and it comes with a whole new set of improvements. Starting from the main page: the Dashboard. The dashboard is the place you land when interacting with the app and it has all the important information and all the inputs for you to take the right action.



Let’s see what’s new:

We completely redesigned the dashboard, refactoring and creating new updated code. We rearranged the elements to fit better on the screen and added accessible fonts in order to improve the readability when the user applies zoom to the

Balance and Wallets

We added the possibility to visualize the balance of all your wallets in the dashboard, making it easier to check your balance at any moment. This is especially helpful while traveling to another country.

New Profile and Settings placement

We added your profile icon and access to the settings of the app to the top of the screen making some room on the main tab bar for the features of the app.

Call to actions

We added the Send Money button and the main actions buttons to the X World Wallet dashboard to provide quick access.

New Tab Bar

Now the cards section is on the tab bar as one of the most important sections of the app.


We redesigned the Info-cards creating a horizontal carousel and making them smaller to give you the space for all of the important info on the screen.


We consolidated your latest activity to see all the latest at a glance, with access to your history from the card.

Send Money

Now it’s easier to send money to other X World Wallet members. We redesigned the fields validating the phone number and making sure the country code is (+1 US) and the format of the phone number is correct. Also, you can add a phone number directly from your contact list.