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Brand Ambassador Program

Join the movement to help people everywhere get more value from their money, and get rewarded for your creativity and passion as you help others discover the X World Wallet.

Brand Ambassador Program

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What is an X World Brand Ambassador?

The X World Brand Ambassador program has been designed to collaborate with those who share our passion and purpose of helping others discover innovative products and services that contribute to their financial well being. This by invitation only program is available for consideration by those who share in the following key characteristics:

  • Share the Values of the Brand
  • Have A Genuine Influence in their Community
  • Want to Create Awareness for the Brand Beyond the Compensation Benefits

How Do I Become An X World Ambassador?

While the program is by invitation only, we review every application and give each applicant an equal opportunity to participate if they meet the above mentioned criteria. Usually a qualified applicant will be familiar with the product and have strong communication skills and proven use of social media platforms.

Brand Ambassador Program

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Applications are reviewed in the order in which they are received.

What are The Benefits of Being an X World Ambassador?

Once approved, the benefits of being an X World Wallet Brand Ambassador are the following:

You will receive compensation for referring new X members into X World.

You are part of a select group of Ambassadors representing the brand.

You will receive early notice of new products and services.

You get to participate in exclusive giveaways and promos.

You get to participate in paid focus groups and surveys for the brand.

You get to recommend 1 other brand ambassador.

Are There Any Program Considerations?

Yes. Being an X Ambassador is a great opportunity and carries plenty of benefits but it also comes with important responsibilities.  Please refer to the X Brand Guidelines and Brand Ambassador Agreement for details.

The following is important information of the X World Brand Ambassador program:

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Brand Guidelines

Any Questions? Contact Us.

If you would like to become a partner or have questions about becoming an X World Brand Ambassador or program partner, please reach out to us

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